Former KBF Deputy Director (1976-1986) Wilhelmina Dacanay is also back. “Tita Minnie” to the KBF family, she has never truly left in the sense that she has always been looking out for the Foundation’s welfare through the years. While she was Program Manager for Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam and a year managing China and Thailand, at Holt International Children’s Services in Eugene, Oregon, USA from 1987 to 2003 and again 2008 to 2009, she continued to liaise with former KBF Executive Directors Gloria Gonzalez-Lim and Rosario de la Rosa.

Now that she has returned to Manila, Minnie is giving once again of her expertise gained over thirty-five years in the family and child welfare field. In January of 2016, she was contracted as a consultant to KBF management to strengthen the core competencies of its social work program staff in case management practice through provision of technical supervision, coaching and mentoring. We are so blessed to have you back, Tita Minnie!