Community-Based Pregnancy Counseling and Referral Services

The KBF’s Community-Based Pregnancy Counseling Services was developed to respond to the need for enlightenment of pregnant teens and women who are lost, fearful and hesitant to disclose to their families about their condition.  Most of these pregnant women are not prepared and equipped to handle their present situation.  It is important that they are helped to have appropriate options to address their current situation.


The project will provide counseling and referral services to these clientele group from the National Capital Region (NCR)

The beneficiaries are pregnant teens and women in need of assistance, either walk-in or inquiries through email, text messages, telephone or mobile calls and/or referred by concerned invidivuals or organizations.

The beneficiaries include the following:

1.  Teenage pregnant girls (including maybe even younger girls)

2.  Single/married/separated women and girls who are pregnant and in crisis situaton due to the following:

–  Abandoned by the child’s father.

       –  Sexual abuse/rape

–  Domestic violence (marital rape)

–  Commercial sex workers

– Sexual trafficking victims.

2.  Single/married/separated women and girls who are pregnant and in crisis situaton due to the following:

3.  Overseas Filipina Workers impregnated either by employer (voluntary or involuntary) or by boyfriend.



            Support the government efforts in addressing the incidence of early pregnancy (18 years old and below) and pregnant women in crisis situation.



  • Provide support to pregnant teens  and women in making appropriate  decision whether to keep or make alternative plans for their child.
  • Enable pregnant teens and women to have access to appropriate services  in the community.
  • Encourage pregnant teens and women to engage  in supportive networks which sustain and strengthen family and community relationships.



  • PARTNERSHIP and collaboration with institutions for temporary shelter, schools, churches, health centers and barangays in addressing the prevalence of early pregnancy.
  • COUNSELING SERVICES helping pregnant teens and women come up with appropriate choices for the best interest of their child and themselves.
  • REFERRAL SERVICES linking pregnant teens and women to programs and services to appropriately respond to their present situation.
  • ADVOCACY to address the increasing incidence of early pregnancy through development of information, education, communication (IEC) materials and orientation manual for training of selected participants from the school, church, health centers and barangays as advocates..


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Kaisahang Buhay Foundation Incorporated is a private, non-profit child and family welfare organization duly licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and certified as a donee institution by the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Philippine Council for NGO Certification. The organization’s name, Kaisahang Buhay Foundation, stands for oneness within the family and meaningful life for the children it serves.


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